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Our team is a unique group of individuals, advisors, partners and investors with extraordinary expertise, all of whom acknowledge the value of 'where' for decision-making. . . now and next.


Sarah Linden, CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Patterns and geography have always excited Sarah, which is why she has dedicated her career to being an expert in spatial data analysis. For Sarah, (To) is the ability to help others understand the power of geography, drive them to achieve personal growth through the intersection of prioritization and opportunity, and help solve a challenge we all face—achieving the best version of ourself, no matter where we are.

Favorite Place: Pittsburgh, PA    
Why? It's where I grew up and will always be home


Isaac Manning, Board Chairman & CO-FOUNDER

Isaac is an MIT-trained architect and businessman who has spent the last 30 years applying development and capital markets expertise to public and private sector ventures. For Isaac, (To) represents an opportunity to bring together data and place in a meaningful way, leveraging information to capture human and physical capital that will yield great communities of the 21st century.

Favorite Place: Oriental, NC  
Why? It's been the epitome of relaxation for me since 1962


Kiddee Charoenpanitkul, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Kiddee has dreamt about exploring and making “stuff” as long as he can remember, which naturally led him to the constant pursuit of unique places and experiences. Through his adventures across the globe, Kiddee has learned that places and destinations are only as great as the journey to get there. He translates this concept into his designs and creative processes by working to simplify the complexities of human life and the natural world.

Favorite Place: Joshua Tree National Park    
Why? This is the quietest place I have ever experienced

Thom Holder, Business & Strategy ADVISOR

Thom brings experience and insight necessary for growth in the fast-paced, location services segment as an advisor for (To).. He most recently worked at Intel and Intel Capital in various roles including leading Venture Capital deals for mobile start-ups, and in various business unit leadership roles for networking and mobile products. Thom has served on the Boards of numerous companies, combined with hands-on product management, operational, and fundraising know-how,

Favorite Place: Hood River, OR    
Why? Wind, water, wine, trails & snow

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