Start with spatial data

Spatial data

Use it for analysis


Make it meaningful


The sky's the limit in terms of data and making decisions with it, but historically individuals have had very little or no access to its real benefits. 

We start with datasets - big and small - that our User community can derive the greatest value from. We relate this information to locations, connecting key decision-making characteristics with place. As a result, you can generate real solutions for whatever and wherever is next based on your priorities.

When it comes to making decisions and solving problems with spatial data, use of a geographic information system (GIS) is the solution. GIS is a visual problem solving tool and technique that provides for the ability to analyze spatial information. GIS helps to paint a geographic picture to solve complex, location-based decisions.

(To) brings this powerful technology into the hands of individuals, making location the driver for critical life and career decisions.

With (To), everything relates back to 'Where' - Where can I live and walk to work every day? Where will my pay go furthest? Where is most family friendly? Where are schools and hospitals in close proximity to where I should be? Where are places that align with who I am?

In v1.0 'Where' is comprised of places throughout the United States that intersect medical schools and teaching hospitals. We are forever expanding our geographic reach, bringing you new places and information in real-time!