On your rank list, #wherematters - Now Live on AMSA's Ad Lib Podcast!

The American Medical Student Association has been a great partner in helping spread the message that #wherematters and that place is a crucial factor when deciding to pursue a career in medicine. I recently had the opportunity to record an "AMSA Ad Lib" podcast. The recording is now available on its website. I hope you'll take the time to listen—it's only 10 minutes!

In the podcast, I briefly discuss my fascination (or obsession, rather) with geography, and specifically how our geography-based app can benefit rising physicians, or anyone seeking to achieve the next, best version of themselves, by marrying location and career in a meaningful, outcome-driven way. Specific location information can help you make better life decisions, which is why we've created (To). Through our app, we collate and correlate critical place details and make them meaningful, tangible and action-oriented.

It's important to me as we build our brand and company that rising physicians understand our perspective on the importance of geography, and how location can play a significant role in how they live their lives. People generally know this but all too often think of it only in terms of cost of living or demographics. But it's much more than that. It's about finding a place where you can go for a jog rather easily if you like running, and not think twice (which means nice weather and sidewalks or somewhere else to run). It's about finding a place that supports your financial goals. If your student loans really stress you out, it's about finding a place where that stress is lifted—where a commitment can expedite how you pay them back. If you're looking for varied experiences in different work environments, it's about finding an institution that provides away rotations or multiple campus locations. These are truly places that will make you better, because they present opportunities for the successes you're working to realize. We should never compromise our best location for another just because it projects an image of success; instead, we should make location part of how we define and achieve success.

In the podcast, I explain how (To) works to address the intersection of career and locations specifically for rising physicians, and why it's so important to always consider place as a critical piece of the puzzle. I hope you'll take time to listen!

Sarah Linden

myPlace-Seed, LLC, 901 N Washington St, Suite 208, Alexandria, VA 22314

Where matters, because place can make you better!