Ambassador Spotlight: Tanisha Rivera


The June 2017 #WhereMatters Ambassador Spotlight features Tanisha Rivera, a pre-med major at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. We first met Tanisha at a conference and fell in love with her positive spirit, charisma and eagerness to succeed. Its not everyday that you meet someone who inspires you quite like Tanisha. She's a natural motivator and born leader, and we're so happy she's part of the (To) family. Learn more about Tanisha in our interview below!

Sarah: Why are you interested in a career in medicine? What inspired you to pursue this path and what motivates you to keep going? 

Tanisha: As a Latina with Puerto Rican heritage, I was raised with certain specific principals. I was taught that you have the potential to be great at anything you choose to pursue in life – that if you're good at something, you can perfect it if you can find the determination within yourself. Throughout my path in life I discovered that I was good at taking care of people and enjoyed interacting with others and advocating on their behalf. A career in medicine will allow me to enlarge my ability to help others and experience a rewarding feeling that can't be replaced by anything else.


Sarah: Do you have any thoughts on where you'd like to go to medical school or practice medicine? How does location impact these decisions for you? 

Tanisha: I would love to practice medicine either in a big city environment or in a coastal city. I would relish the chance to live and work in a setting that reminds me of my roots.


Sarah: What kind of pre-med program does your school have?

Tanisha: The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, my school, offers a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences that includes all the necessary pre-medical classes. I have taken the route of majoring in BSN program with a minor in biology to satisfy my pre-med requirements. I believe that the opportunity to attend nursing school while simultaneously completing my pre-med classes has prepared me for medical school.


Sarah: Why is (To) an important tool for aspiring physicians?

Tanisha: (To) is an important tool for aspiring physicians because it aids individuals in achieving a mindful balance between work and pleasure within any medical community. No matter what your preferences are, (To) gives you the unique chance to research and predetermine your ideal place – a place you can comfortably fit in.


Sarah: Why did you decide to become an ambassador for (To)? 

Tanisha: I decided to become a #WhereMatters Ambassador because I firmly believe in the service (To) provides to the medical community at large. I am convinced that such open lines of communication and the ability to connect with others who are also passionate about medicine can only be beneficial.


Sarah: Do you have any advice for other aspiring physicians? Or advice for anyone making life decisions?

Tanisha: If I were to give advice to other aspiring physicians it would be to utilize every chance you get to practice making decisions and thinking on your feet. I feel that this is a crucial skill to develop and can be applied to practicing medicine as well as to making life decisions.


Sarah Linden

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