#WHerematters Ambassador tips


1.     Get Social

Share (To) with your social networks! Post about the app and about why #WhereMatters on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Include your personal referral link so you get credit when people check out the app (hello, swag!).

2.     Take (To) with you and chat it up!

In a student org, study group, or sports team? Let your friends, family, classmates, and coworkers know what you’re doing! Put a sticker on your laptop or water bottle, and bring swag with you to start conversations about (To) wherever you go. Talk about (To) at meetings, pass out stickers in class, and show the app off to the med student you just met in the Starbucks line.

3.     Expand your network

Reach out to pre-med and medical student organizations on your campus, and ask if you can come to one of their meetings, or offer to throw them a (To)-sponsored pizza party! Find out if you can pass out stickers at events your school holds for pre-med and med students, or ask if they’ll include your referral link in the weekly newsletter.

4.     Rate '(To) - Where Matters' on the App Store

Apps with higher ratings get more downloads and are more visibile in the App Store. We encourage you as an Ambassador to positively rate the app, and share your experience with others!

5.     Have ideas not mentioned here?

Let us know! You can be rewarded for that too! There are traditional methods for earning swag (via referrals + downloads), but every effort you make that helps us go further comes with rewards. If you're being successful with (To) in new and innovate ways, let us know and a surprise may land on your doorstep!